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A full-stack creative marketer with over a decade of experience in diverse advertising, content production and digital marketing. My professional roles have been to cultivate impactful ideas, establish new brands, launch products, provide alternative angles to build companies, teams, and production studios with a fresh approach.

I have led marketing strategies, produced content and brand partnerships for digital publishers, major record labels, film studios, at a major cable network, for high-profile talent, in-house with brands and in-house at ad agencies — my content and media knowledge is full circle. I have strong managerial/leadership competencies and experience, and a proven ability to inspire and nurture individual talents within a collaborative cross-functional team environment.

I am passionate about building and positioning brands through video, storytelling, technology, innovative partnerships, social media, integrated and experiential marketing. I am a team leader with the ability to manage across a wide range of departments including creative, strategy, production, post, editorial, programming, product development and creative services.

My side hustle is being an interior designer and playing personal concierge (aka travel agent) to friends, family and co-workers. I love research, I have big ideas, good taste, a good eye, a large network of creatives, a knack for community building and creating memorable social experiences. These core qualities have enabled me professional growth and afforded me exciting work opportunities throughout my career. 

  • Creative Services

  • Video

  • Creative & Production Team Building

  • Content & Editorial Production

  • Social Media Programming Strategy

  • Audience & Community Development

  • Omnichannel Marketing

  • Platform, Technology, Media, and Entertainment Partnerships

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Deal Structuring & Negotiation

  • Brand Launch & Growth Strategy

  • Channel & Content Monetization Strategy

  • Integrated Marketing

  • Content & Digital Media Planning

  • Mobile & Social Media Marketing

  • Experiential & Live Marketing

  • Content & Format Development (Digital, TV & Film)

  • Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit

  • Product Innovation

  • Website and Mobile Development, SEO and UX

  • Business Development

  • Team Building & Management

  • Analytics & KPI Measurement