Once upon a time (beginning in 2006) I worked at a publisher (SpinMedia) that is now owned my Billboard.com. I was the 6th employee hired and I was incredibly empowered (super grateful for this experience). So as 22 year old in touch with music and the internet - I established relationships with all major and indie record labels, identified a bunch of influencers (Jeffree Starr to name drop one), developed editorial programming plans across 32 music and celebrity sites (no big deal), and built a large network of content creators (independent ones that have stuck with me throughout my career to help make content). And over time (but impressively fast time) these music blogs (a lot of which I helped identify and strategize on how to aquire), climbed ComScore and advertisers recognized them as valuable destination(s). So then my role transitioned from straight community site traffic, brand marketing, and editorial growth to focusing on increasing the value of our sales pitches to advertisers - integrated marketing to be more official. My team and I focused on developing branded content programs that helped brands like Pepsi, Skittles, Denny's, Blackberry, Nintendo to name a few; feel connected to our blogs passionate music fans while promoting their products and building brand awareness. This job truly taught me the ins and outs of the internet. BUT the internet was changing in 2010 (MySpace was stuck in flash player, Twitter was taking off, Facebook was no longer just for college kids) and I wanted to venture out and create more.

I went on to work with some super exciting clients (Taco Bell, UMG, Summit Entertainment, SweetyHigh.com to name a few) in helping them build communities, market their brands, establish their social presence, partner with influencers and do solid integrated content publisher deals.

I then got a contract position that made my mother the most proud, because she got behind the scenes updates on Adam Levine. I was hired by NBC as the Social Media Manager to kick off The Voice first season. It was legit the coolest job ever. Fun fact - I taught Christina Aguilera about launching her Twitter and social best practices and she wooed me with her voice.

When that contract gig ended ... I went to work for Ashton Kutcher at his former company Katalyst Network. Being a pioneer on the internet and a true visionary, Ashton had brands (Intel, Levis, GE, Virgin Mobile) knocking at his door wanting to do cool stuff. And he brought me in to help build a team that he could rely on to make digital campaigns and content for these brands. Then Google funded a premium YouTube channel started by Ashton called ThrashLab (RIP). And Ashton gave me the opportunity to run programming on this channel.

My skillz in video, digital strategy, new business growth and brand building brought me to my current role at Reach Agency where I kicked things off by helping the agency founders whom had a background in entertainment navigate the digital landscape and identify growth opportunities for their client Nestle Purina. I showed Nestle Purina’s portfolio of brands the world of YouTube and helped them build their own MCN and define the role of video in their overall marketing plans. Now I lead the creative content, production and strategy team and we make social ads, market products and launch brands for clients like Nestle, Hallmark, Marriott, Google, Amazon, Clorox. My team and I are such masters in the art of making social content that Facebook and Twitter both feature our creative as best in class examples in their presentations - and we win awards.

I like the internet. I like when positive things happen on the internet. I am passionate about content with meaning or entertainment value. I thrive in start-up mode and I am always down for a brainstorm. I believe female is the now and the future. I am a proud working mom. Everyday hustling.

  • Social Media

  • Video

  • Content Strategy

  • Creative Direction

  • Production

  • Programming & Distribution Strategy

  • Audience & Community Development

  • Omnichannel Marketing

  • Platform, Technology, Media, and Entertainment Partnerships

  • Influencers

  • Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit, Twitch

  • Analytics & KPI Measurement

  • Integrated Marketing

  • Second Screen Content

  • Experiential & Live Events

  • Entertainment (TV & Music) Marketing

  • Consumer Insights

  • Product Launching

  • Digital Advertising (Planning & Buying)

  • New Business Pitches

  • Client Relations & Development

  • Company Vision & Growth Planning

  • Team Building & Management

  • Sourcing Creative & Digital Talent