The Factuary: Why Is M.I.A. So Pissed Off?

We all know who M.I.A. is, she’s that lady rapper who dragged nine months of pregnancy stomach on to the Grammys stage. You may also know that she likes to get all political about the Sri Lankan Civil war. In this episode of The Factuary - host and comedian, Guy Branum, will explain the Sri Lankan civil war and let you know exactly what M.I.A. is so pissed off about.

“The Factuary”
Created/Written/Hosted by Guy Branum
Directed by Bennet Silverman
Produced by Brin Lukens
Edited by Brad Conlin
Barfly played by Alex Koll

The Factuary is a weekly show on Thrash Lab - releasing every Wednesday at “happy hour” (around 5pm EST).