Alex Winston - ‘Fingers & Toes’

“… Envision you’re a dream
I’ll tear you at the seams
You can be my queen
I’ll cherish all your pieces

Oh you silly girl
Never be alone
I got your skin and bones

Such a pretty girl
I love it when you’re crying you know oh oh oh oh
You know oh oh oh oh

How you fascinate
Such anticipation
I can almost taste it taste it …”

Fantastic Mr Fox - ‘Fool Me’

This music is most commonly categorized as dubstep, but in order to keep all you dubstep-haters attention, I guarantee a little something special. The Fantastic Mr Fox provides a sentimental jester in sound for those appreciative of some of the finer genres in life, like disco and soul.

Pictured above is Stephen Gomberg aka Fantastic Mr Fox.

You can check out or buy Fantastic Mr Fox’s - Evelyn EP on Vinyl at Chemical Records - I highly suggest it. For fans of James Blake, Girl Unit, Bonobo, Jon Kennedy and Ed Banger.

Jawbone Jambox -

I kind of want every device in this video. But specifically this Jambox is so cool. I wonder if people will start carrying it on their shoulders like in the old days they did with boomboxes. Oh-how-far technology has come?!

Get more details on this device on Cool Hunting or Josh Spear’s site.

Darkstar - ‘Dear Heartbeat’

I have been waiting to post this track for a while now. And now I finally can b/c Darkstar’s album “North” is out on Hyperdub as of today 10/18. So here is one more track for you to get in sync with. And if you need a quick rewind, go back to 2009 and be sure to give a listen to Darkstar’s first single I heard 'Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer’.

I expect this album will receive more diverse attention then your average “dub-filed” album, because the synths, the nature store vocals and the friendly edge of the bass make it more accommodating to those who fear the full-on thump.

If you are a fan of Stars, The Books, Bonobo or Eliot Lipp you may enjoy yourself some Darkstar.

Yuni In Taxco - ‘King Of Borneo’

Tropical and sleezy I like it. Beach Boys meets Vampire Weekend with a little Man Man on drugs in Mexico or Seattle not sure. I am curious about their live show. What instruments are they actually using?

Yuni In Taxco’s EP is pretty cool.

You can buy it here on their Bandcamp for $2.00. And you can download this song for free there as well.

Frank Grimes - 'Hold Hands'

For your Sunday evening entertainment, here is a sexy and smooth track from Vancouver’s Frank Grimes Soundcloud. My friend Bird introduced me to him. Thanks Bird, me likey what I hear.

HOLD HANDS by frankgrimes

I just learned that Frank “Grimey” Grimes, Sr. was an employee of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and the self-declared enemy of Homer Simpson. I don’t watch the Simpsons or any cartoons for that matter, so I didn’t realize how clever this name is, until I checked out his grimelaxing music.