Boney M - ‘Do You Wanna Bump’

You can’t deny the funk in the last 2 minutes. And the chorus, oh wow, what a chorus?!

Ruben & Ra - ‘Newer Shooz’

This is what I am talking about. 


Ruben & Ra - Newer Shooz

These brits have created one of the funkiest things I’ve heard in a while. Even more so then Toro Y Moi’s new album. It’s just 7 and a half minutes of grooves and boogie rhythmics that make the whitest guy in the world the coolest guy in the club. I don’t even think the fine dancers of Soul Train could handle this madness.

The bassline groove, y’all. Get into it.

Sly & The Family Stone - ‘If You Want Me To Stay’

If you want me to stay
I’ll be around today
To be available for you to see
I’m about to go
And then you’ll know
For me to stay here I’ve got to be me

You’ll never be in doubt
That’s what it’s all about
You can’t take me for granted and smile
Count the days I’m gone
Forget reaching me by phone
Because I promise I’ll be gone for a while

When you see me again
I hope that you have been
The kind of person that you really are now
You got to get it straight
How could I ever be late
When you’re my woman takin’ up my time

How could you ever allow
I guess I wonder how
How could you get out of pocket for fun
When you know that you’re never number two
Number one gonna be number one

I’ll be good
I wish I could
Get this message over to you now
When you see me again
I hope that you have been
The kind of person you really are now

Christy Essien Igbokwe - ‘Take Life Easy’

If you take life easy then I believe it is a lot easier to get funky rather then feel funky.

Apparently Christy Essien agrees with my theory, because this music is really down. I am also really digging Nana Love right now. Need all the Christy Essien and Nana Love on vinyl I can find.