Miley Cyrus - ‘We Can’t Stop’ (official music video)

This video just can’t be ignored. It is visually stimulating, confusing, sexy, disturbing, awkward, fun, freaky, foolish, gangsta, wangsta. I think I like it. The song, hmmmm, still undecided, I listened to it a few times, so that counts for something. I think that Mt. Eden, Rusko or DJ Skeet Skeet should remix it and add some bass and hyphy to it. I kinda wish that Lil Wayne or R.Kelly were on the track, the chorus could use a bit more hype and legitness to it. Although, who am I to say that Miley Cyrus can’t do what she wants, say what she wants or act like she wants - it seems like she got her point across and for that I give her and this video props.