Austra - ‘Lose It’ (official music video)

Austra’s new album Feel It Break is my life anthem right now. Katie Stelmanis’ voice has been my pacemaker this past week - which fortunately for me, Austra has been providing me with an 11 track enchanting bundle of solitude and energy. I strongly advise you on May 17th to get yourself a copy of Austra’s full album Feel It Break. Mark my words it’s a top 10 favorite of 2011 for sure.

Feel It Break incorporates all of these musical experiences listed below into one amazing LP.

  • The energy and random pitchiness of tUnE-yArDs spastic yet intriguing vocals.
  • The free-spirited, yet dark sadness of Florence & The Machine’s song 'Blinding’.
  • The classical and welcoming vocal styles of a one-third Regina Spektor and Nina Simone hybrid artist.
  • The put-it-to-rest sound of Zola Jesus, with the playful sound of Phantogram.
  •  The downtempo, electro, pulsating beat similar to that of which is on Bat For Lashes Two Suns album and Fever Ray’s s/t.

You will have no problem getting into Austra, if you can you appreciate one of these options I listed above?